Eco-Tea - Probiotics For The Soil
  • EcoTea™ - Plant Beneficial Microbes for your Veggies, Farm & Garden

    - Make Better Use Of Nutrients -

    - Helps To Suppress Pathogens -

    - Minimize Salt Stress - 

    - Create Healthy Soil - 

    Organic Approved By Pro-Cert


    IS 100% NATURAL and safe for our pets and kids. There are no harmful chemicals and it's pathogen free. It will never burn your plants.


    HELPS BREAKS DOWN TOXIC COMPOUNDS, by reducing nutrient leaching and minimizing salt build up. The effects increase and improve with time.


    IS DIVERSE, with thousands of species and can be used on any crop, plant or tree. One gallon contains billions and billions of plant growth promoting microbes.

    EcoTea™ Single Application

    Increase your soil health with our EcoTea™ 5 Gallon Single Application Pack. It's easy to use with our three part system. 1. Add Part A into your aerating dechlorinated water. 2. Add B to your filter and let hang in the aerating, mixing water. 3. After 24 hrs,  just before applying (aeration should be turned off) add part C and mix all ingredients well together in your pail.

    EcoTea™ - It's a multivitamin!

    Head gardener in Riding Mountain National Park, explains her results from using EcoTea™ in her gardens.

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